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  • MadBoy TUBE-022 package solves the microphone needs of duet singers. Microphones are an excellent sounding basic mics, equipped with on/off switch. MadBoy TUBE-022 comes with Leather-style body paint, which has been known on MadBoy's wireless microphones. The package also includes a jack XLR cables.

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  • MadBoy TUBE-202 is the right microphone for professional users. If you need a strong and clear sounding mic, this is right choice. Strong metal grill protects your mic and makes it a long lasting tool for professionals.

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  • MadBoy TUBE-302 is the microphone for the most demanding users. When you hold it, you know it's serious. Strong body with a strong metal grill joined with pure clear sound makes it a mic that can't be beat...

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  • MadBoy TUBE-402 is simply PRO and it supports you even if you are an old-time performer. When designing TUBE-402, we knew that we were creating a future legend.Try it and be amazed...

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